Monday, February 3, 2014

It's here!

I know I have ben M.I.A., but I took some much needed me time. My book and you guys have been on my mind though. I am proud to announce my next installment in the Mending Heart Series is ready to be published. Here's the new title, cover, and blurb! Feel free to share it guys
Starting over is never easy, especially when you’re running from a past full of pain. Cameron Ryan, hometown football hero, should be happy. Growing up in a wealthy family, he’s never wanted for anything. He’s broken every football record, won every award, and even has the means to attend the perfect college. The dream of being drafted into the NFL is just in his grasps. That was until he made one near fatal mistake that landed him in jail.
Getting off with just a slap on the wrists, thanks to his older hotshot lawyer brother Zach, Cameron finds the means to start over. Enrolling in UCLA, Cameron meets Alyssa. The very beautiful flawless stranger who captures his heart instantly. The only problem is, she just so happens to be the Dean’s daughter, who has his new team captain as an ex-boyfriend. Trying to stay out of trouble, Cameron steers clear of Alyssa, all while pretending to be happy.
Not giving up without a fight, Alyssa gets Cameron to let down his guard and fall in love. There’s just one problem. Cameron is quietly falling apart at the seams. Plagued with nightmares, and falling prey to the demons of his past, Cameron is afraid that he’ll drag Alyssa into the darkness that is his life. In the end, Cameron knows that if he ever wants a shot at a real life, he’ll have to finally face the skeletons that have been hidden in his closet for far too long.
Release Date February 14th, 2014!

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