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Shattered Kisses (Mending Heart, #2)

  Starting over is never easy, especially when you’re running from a past full of pain. Cameron Ryan, hometown football hero, should be happy. Growing up in a wealthy family, he’s never wanted for anything. He’s broken every football record, won every award, and even has the means to attend the perfect college. The dream of being drafted into the NFL is just in his grasps. That was until he made one near fatal mistake that landed him in jail.

Getting off with just a slap on the wrists, thanks to his older hotshot lawyer brother Zach, Cameron finds the means to start over. Enrolling in UCLA, Cameron meets Alyssa. The very beautiful flawless stranger who captures his heart instantly. The only problem is, she just so happens to be the Dean’s daughter, who has his new team captain as an ex-boyfriend. Trying to stay out of trouble, Cameron steers clear of Alyssa, all while pretending to be happy.

Not giving up without a fight, Alyssa gets Cameron to let down his guard and fall in love. There’s just one problem. Cameron is quietly falling apart at the seams. Plagued with nightmares, and falling prey to the demons of his past, Cameron is afraid that he’ll drag Alyssa into the darkness that is his life. In the end, Cameron knows that if he ever wants a shot at a real life, he’ll have to finally face the skeletons that have been hidden in his closet for far too long.


Finding His Mrs. Right (Mending Heart, #1)

 Multi-Millionaire Landon Brooks has it all. The cars, the money, and the occasional fling.

Until Her.

Tessa Winters enters Landon's life with one goal. To find him love. Owning her own matchmaking business, Tessa hides behind her profession to protect her own heart. But working with Landon Brooks, the over confident, arrogant, playboy, throws her off balance.

Secrets of Landon's past, will crash into Tessa's present, and dredge up demons she has longed to forget.

Maybe being together is exactly what they need to heal…

Will he have courage enough to claim his Mrs. Right?

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Heart of a Stripper





“The love that lasts the longest is the love that can never be.”

For twenty-five year old Mitchell McCallister, that statement never seemed true. Finding the woman he loved happened in a snap, or so he thought. That was, until he found a connection with someone else, in a place he least expected. One kiss was all it took to keep him breathless and wanting more, but falling for a stripper he would never see again seemed foolish.

Being abandoned by her mother and living with her alcoholic father, Nevaeh Sky never really knew what it meant to feel wanted. Moving to a new town still wouldn’t change that, right? Waltzing into the office as a senior transfer to her new high school, Nevaeh is bemused to find the very mysterious stranger who was too shy to make a move on her at her new job. Having Mitchell as her new principal, she’s sure it will cause more harm than good.

With an impending marriage, Mitchell struggles to keep his distance from Nevaeh, until he finds her beaten and bloody on the school steps. Taking her in and learning her secrets, the explosive forbidden attraction between them leaves Mitchell wavering; not only with her, but in his own life. Determined to save her from the life she’s chosen, Mitchell has no idea his world will never be the same again.

But will saving Nevaeh be worth destroying everything he’s worked so hard for?

Lucien's Hell Bound Angel



 Hybrid demon Lucien never really had much to live for. Since birth, Lucien had been trained to believe that he was only good for one thing.


That was, until he gave it up.

Being born and bred in Hell, he had nothing to look forward to but his dreams. There lied his ideal violet eyed woman, who performed anything his erotic mind could come up with.That was until his boss demands he goes to Earth to bring back a ruthless demon hell bent on destroying the world. Given only three days to complete the task, Lucien is sent back to Earth only to land smack dab in the middle of a battle between the very demon he is sent to drag back to Hell, and the woman he only thought existed in his dreams.

Athena, a Guardian Angel trained to be a Demon Assassin, wanted to kill Lucien the moment he ruined her shot at killing the ruthless demon she’d been tracking since the moment she’d been sent to Earth. The only thing that stopped her was the fact that Lucien had thrown himself in the way, taking a bullet that was meant for her. Not only saving her life, but leaving her totally and utterly confused.

As battle lines get drawn between Heaven and Hell, and passions run high between Lucien and Athena, will they find means to complete each task while fighting their undeniable lust for each other? Or will being together and losing everything mean more than anything else?

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