Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Know I've Been M.I.A.

Hey guys, it's been awhile since I've written a post and I feel bad about it. The good thing is it wasn't in vain. I've been working hard on book two of The Mending Heart series. My birthday is also next week and I'm super excited. For being so patient with me, you guys get to know the title before anyone else. Drum roll please...

Shattered Kisses!

Here's a teeny excerpt:


I ran as fast as I could, until I ended up in the only place I trusted. Banging on the door, I panted heavily as I leaned up against the cool wall. I was out of breath and for good reason. I had run for what seemed like forever. Pounding on the door again, my fresh blood smudged on the tan paint. My knuckles were raw and stinging, but none of that mattered. I went to pound on the door again, but it opened. My older brother Zachary tore the door open and the rage filled in his eyes, turned into concern as I bobbed. My vision blurred as I fell to my knees.

“Cameron?! What the hell happened to you?” he shouted, and I grimaced from the ringing in my ears.

I was a bloody mess, and didn’t doubt that the concern laced in his voice was genuine.

“Zach…” I panted between breaths. “I need you to—God, I need you to fix this.” I begged as my hands trembled.

My brother was Zachary Ryan, the biggest defense lawyer in California. If anyone was able to get me out of the mess I was in, it was him. My brother was the only person I could trust with this, but I wasn’t going to tell him every detail. What happened tonight would stay between me, myself, and I. At least that was what I hoped. 

“What the hell did you do?!” he shouted.

“I can’t—”
“Cameron, tell me now!” Zach shouted, but it was a blur because before I knew it, I blacked out.


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    1. Glad you think it's intriguing G.B. So far this is IMO one of the best works I've written. I can't wait to publish it. 😏