Sunday, May 5, 2013

Exciting News!

Hey guys, I apologize for not posting often, but it's only because I've been writing. All I've been doing is writing, writing, and writing some more. Even though I've been writing non stop, I feel like it hasn't been enough lol. Writers woes I guess.

I know I've been bouncing around with releases, and that was due to a lot of factors. First, I released my book, Heart of a Stripper (which I was afraid to do because it was my first self published book). I also was scared to put it out do to some words from my ex publisher about the content. But, I stayed true to myself, and put the book out. I was glad to see the reception it got. People LOVED the book, and wanted a sequel. That threw me off because it was supposed to be a stand alone book. But, I digress. That's not what this post is about. After that book, I got word that I had the right to re-release my first novel. That knocked the book I was editing out of the top spot again. The book I was planning to release to you guys got pushed back because it is my baby, and I want to see it do very well. I didn't want to push it out in the midst of me trying to figure this whole publishing thing out. So, I put away the book away, and  I made a new cover before releasing Lucien's Hell Bound Angel.

I wanna thank you all for bearing with me through this. I want you to know that I haven't forgotten the things I said, I've just been trying to sort things out.

I said all that to say this next book will be ready and released on June 17th!

It will be a Contemporary Romance novel, and more details about it will be released gradually.

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