Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Peek Inside of Lucien's Hell Bound Angel

Grab your copy today on Amazon and Smashwords. Without Further Ado, here's an except from my newly re-released book:

Crawling, tears fell from Hazel’s eyes as she tried to escape. Dirt was embedded in her finger tips and blood filled her mouth. She suddenly felt fingers grip her hair and yank her back. Screaming as her head fell back, she felt him tug harder to pull her to her feet. To keep him from snatching her hair out of her scalp, she complied. The moment she was on her feet, he tugged her closer to him. His body was hard against hers and full of heat.
            “Still want me?” he whispered in her ear with a chuckle.
            He then threw her to the ground and forced her to turn over as he got on top of her.
            “Please.’ She whimpered looking up to him with a dirt smudged face.
            Suddenly a pair of feet stopped in front of them. He looked up to see a pair of beautiful legs attached and a smile teased his lips.
“Why don’t you pick on a girl more your speed?” she replied staring down at him.
Forgetting the girl lying beneath him, he pushed himself up and took in her beauty. She had long dark hair with beautiful honey blonde streaks. Besides that, she stood about 5’6 with a slender frame but very put together in all the right places that counted. Being that he was over six feet, he knew he would easily tower over her. Which he planned to do.

“You don’t give up do you?” he growled seductively as Hazel scurried away to safety.

“Not in my job description.” She simply answered as they kept a wary eye on each other.

“So you’ve come to take me in have you?” he chuckled and she simply nodded.

“You know you're not gonna take me alive don’t you?” he sneered.

“I’m prepared to do what I have to. Especially now.” She answered and his glare went cold as he walked toward her.

“I knew you had it in you, angel.” He teased as they stood chest to face.

“I’m nothing like you.” She protested as she looked up into his very sadistic eyes.

“I beg to differ, sweet cheeks.” He smiled smugly as he ran his scorching finger down her face, searing her skin.

That was her breaking point. In the next instant her fist had slammed into his face. He smiled as blood trickled down his lip.

“Give me a kiss to make it all better!” he shouted swinging at her.

Reflexes kicking in, she blocked, but he immediately threw another blow. To her advantage, she’d caught his arm and threw her own punch, striking him in the chest. She’d undoubtedly knocked the wind out of him as he stumbled back. Still, he had that stupid grin on his face. He was enjoying their tussle just a little too much. Cutting to the chase, an illuminating white light spewed from her hand as she manifested a dagger. He ran at her, but she dodged the blow and swiped at him, cutting flesh and drawing blood.

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