Friday, February 8, 2013

New Cover

So, while I'm "resting" with a headache, I came up with a cover for another fiction I submitted to my publisher. It was actually the first full length book I ever typed up. over 95,000 words! Whoo that was some dedicaton lol. What do you guys think?

Telling your best friend that you’ve always been secretly in love with her should be easy right? That’s what Marshall Lockhart thought the night his best friend Caydence Williams planted a big one on him.

Marshall Lockhart may not have it all, but there’s one thing he can’t live without.

Caydence Williams, his beautiful best friend, and the girl he is madly in love with.

Today he’s gonna muster up the courage to tell her that. That was until the unthinkable happened.

Being murdered could really put a pin in your plans.

Caydence is devastated after losing the piece of her heart that fit perfectly. Finding Marshall alive in a place she’d least expect turns her life upside down, especially since she’d watched him and he had definitely been dead and buried. Without questioning the obvious–rescuing him from the unknown, she gets mixed up in a tailspin of trouble. Waking from the unknown, and coming to his senses, Marshall feels hollow, furious & hungry…very hungry. Fighting to stay in control of the unfamiliar beast inside of him, he finds his own dilemma. Little does Caydence know, the boy she once knew was buried deep inside & the monster inside of him was way too far on the surface—clawing its way out. But the bond and flourishing love of the two together may prove to be stronger than the obstacles thrown their way.


  1. It's a start, but not really knowing the story is about beyond the title, it's hard to make a more thorough comment.

  2. The blurb is coming up next. It's been posted up on my author's pg and website for a few months ;)

  3. Wow, awesome book cover! You're a very talented artist! :-)

  4. it makes sense. Like the blurb and I'm definitely intrigued.