Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Peek Inside

Hi guys! I know I've been quiet for a bit, but I've just been getting ready for my daughter's 5th birthday, which is this weekend. I brought her a new princess canopy bed, and she LOVES it. I know my book has been out for less than a week and I want to thank everyone who brought their copy! You guys rock, and I hope you are enjoying it (if you haven't finished it yet).

Anyway, I want to give the rest of you who hasn't read it yet a tiny peek inside. Here's a great excerpt from the beginning of the book:

Chapter One
            Mitchell sighed deeply, as his best friend Adam shoved him into the dark club. The room was dim, and full of the stench of smoke and alcohol. Looking around, he saw nothing but bare chested woman dancing on stripper poles, in front of drunken men. Walking to the VIP area, he passed a few females giving elderly men lap dances. Turning around, he tried to leave but Adam shook his head.
            “You are going to enjoy this night if it kills me!” he chuckled, shoving Mitchell down into a seat.
            Along with Adam, his two buddies Scott, and Brad surrounded him. Not too soon after, a half-naked waitress stood at their table.
            “What can I get you guys?!” she shouted, over the loud music.
            “Get us the best beer this fine establishment can offer!” Adam laughed, and she nodded.
            “Four beers coming right up!” she replied, before disappearing.
            “You know I don’t drink!” Mitchell replied, looking at his already buzzed friend.
            They had already been to a bar, and had a few drinks. Mitchell only drank about half a bottle. Drinking really wasn’t his thing, but his best friend had planned a night out just for him. Adam had rented a limo and they were having what was known as “a night out on the town”.
            “You are tonight!” he laughed, as the waitress came back with the ice cold beers and they all took one.
            Twisting off the cap, Mitchell forced a little of the bitter drink down, as his friends downed theirs. Looking at the spotlighted stage, he saw a blonde haired woman taking her top off. Averting his eyes, he heard all of his friends cheer in excitement. He never understood the whole notion of having a strange woman tearing her clothes off for you—or your money rather. Looking around, he caught the eye of a young woman dressed in sky blue lingerie. Her caramel legs were smooth and stretched on for days, and she had long black hair to match. She smiled at him as a male walked up to her. Clearing his throat, he turned away.
            “I want to get out of here, Adam.” Mitchell insisted, as his cell phone rang.
            Reaching for his pocket, Adam stopped him before shoving Mitchell’s drink to his mouth.
            “Ignore it; you’re out with the guys. Enjoy yourself.” He ordered.
            Sighing, Mitchell tried to relax as the phone went silent. Taking another small drink, he gulped hard as the girl he was eyeing walked up to their section.
            “Hey boys, what’s the special occasion?” she smiled brightly.     
            Giving a goofy smile, Adam retorted. “My boy here is getting married on Christmas.”
            “Hmm, so you’re the unlucky guy everyone is buzzing about.” She smiled still keeping her eyes on him.
            “I wouldn’t say unlucky.” He whispered, trying not to look at her as he walked over to him.
            “An honest groom, we don’t get many of those in here.” She smiled, towering over him as he slowly looked up to her.
            He wanted nothing more than disappear as she held a hand out to him.
            “Let me show you a good time.” She insisted.
            “I—I—don’t think—”
            “Show him a good time!” Adam shouted, giving her a wad of money.
            “Come on tiger, I don’t bite.” She said, still smiling.
            “Go!” Adam and Brad shouted, at the same time pushing him up.
            “Don’t worry. I’ll bring you back in one piece.” She replied, seductively grabbing him by the hand and pulling him from VIP area.

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